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    Seems my post is too long, so I have made a post in Stack Overflow. If anyone helpful would take a gander, I’d appreciate.


    I was taken with Una Kravits method of creating her SCSS.

    The issue I am running into is at the bottom of that page where she is using a @mixin to make building out easier. But it seems to me if I use a mixin in the manner shown, I will end up with duplicated code.

    Some examples taken from her post:
    code snippets

    Okay, so far so good. But then she suggests using a @mixin. Now I really like this idea, I like being able to use the @if @else, and I really like being able to pass arguments in with the @mixin and the silent placeholder. Her example only builds out once css statement (well two with the hover). For example I will add a few more below the original example. Notice how the resulting css has repeats. Am I missing something here? I could go with something like the example from above, but again, I do really like the options of using the @mixin in conjunction for it’s options.

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