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    Hello, pretty new to this forums even though I’ve been having this account for a while now. Anyways, thats not the reason I opened up this thread.

    I kind of hoped for some help. As the title says; I’m having an image slider (which is full screen) that I put togheter and I got this bar at the bottom where there will be sliding text that goes across the page horizontally.

    The problem is; every time the carousel goes to the next slide, the text that goes along the bar at the bottom (created with css3’s animation selector) stops for a second and gives what I would call a disturbing lag. So, my question is as following; have anyone experienced this before, and is there any way to solve this/reduce or make the lag go completely away?

    And yeah, I know that CSS3’s animation selector wont work in Opera and IE – got a fallback function for that.

    Thanks in advance! :)


    Well, since this thread has gone far away from the top; I’m bumping the thread. Anyone?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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