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    Hello World !

    I just stumbled across a little Problem, i try to figure out how to build a special-hover navigation…

    The Mainpart is already done in my Head ;) but first let me explain it…
    imagine a < ul > with 5 nested li Elements. The List is positioned absolute in an relative container Element.
    the 3rd element is the main element, which u can click on as usually, around the mainelementthere is a top and bottom area.these have a hoverevent binded, so when u hover them the normal link is denied, but as u start to hover, the list elements move.

    to move the < li >elements i use the ScrollTo Plugin, which move the < ul >/< li >‘s in the relative container element.

    my idea is to let the elements move/scroll in an intervall as long as the hoverarea is hovered.
    the ScrollTo function should fire in a 800ms intervall. the navigation should look as if the list is containing the around the middle element.

    i hope it is clear what i seek for :D
    if not i try to visualize it ;)

    ty in advance
    and sorry for the english-still learning ;)


    Not really sure what you’re going for here. Maybe if you start working on it and then show us where you get stuck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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