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    I have only used basic Dreamweaver so have limited skills.

    I am trying to make a page like


    this one is exactly is what I am trying to do – the right stays fixed and left side scrolls.

    In the right column not sure if I just put in a table to insert information or banners like they have, and how to tell Google not to index the right column that doesn’t scroll.

    Any help or direction would really help after endless hours of looking.



    Sorry, I’m rushing before getting ready for work, but I wrote this quote quickly with some garish colors.

    Is this something like what you’re looking for?

    I’ll check back later on. I’m sure I’ll find some spare time at work to check back.



    same here -it is 6:22 am and no sleep yet -pretty soon.



    Thanks a million

    I put the fixed on the right side and inserted a column with some banners but kind of tricky as you have the whole page to deal with for just a small red column – can this be used with Dreamweaver or won’t it do anything – didn’t seem to do too much to your code. Just have to figure out how to make the red and blue different widths to fill it out close to each other – is it possible in the fixed to put a no index as Google doesn’t like content way to the right some say as it can be cut off depending on how you set view, display etc.

    Would anyone know?

    otherwise just some playing around to get started finally.


    If I’m honest, I wouldn’t use any WYSIWYG editors — such as Dreamweaver — to create websites. In my experience — and I admit that times may have changed since I last used one — they often insert codes that it *thinks* you need and you end up with a bloated version of something that could be really quite simple.

    My advice in this case is to learn the code that you need to use; keep your files as neat and clean as your knowledge allows. After the initial problem of mass headaches, it does get easier. With regards to the red and blue columns, they’re defined in per cent, which makes them really easy to edit, but can cause problems in future with design and structure.

    I’m struggling to get my head round what layout you’re looking for — probably because I’m supposed to be working — but if you can illustrate what you’re looking for, I’ll see how much I can help; I am in no way a professional!



    Thanks –My problem is Fixed!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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