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    I have made a previous post about using superscrollorama (in CSS-Combat) in conjunction with a navigation menu. I was able to get the animations to work when scrolling, however when I create my second .click() it seems to jump when the div it goes to changes its position:fixed and will not scroll to the position but abruptly stop just before.

    Any Ideas?

    First one that works fine:

    $("#feature1").click(function(){, 4, {scrollTo:{y: 1467, x:0}, ease:Power4.easeInOut});

    Second item that scrolls, then stops before the end of the div:

    $("#feature2").click(function(){, 4, {scrollTo:{y: 3071, x:0}, ease:Power4.easeInOut});

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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