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    I’m wondering if you guys know any good screencasts on WP 3.5 theme development? I’m looking for screencasts because I simply don’t learn a thing form written tutorials (idk why :)). But if you know a _crazy freakin awesome_ written tutorial, you can also link to it in the comments.

    Please don’t suggest the ones on The Logde I’m not going to pay for that… (or any other paid ones)


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    Only little functions here and there have changed since earlier versions and so:

    There is Chris’s series from a while ago on this site:

    I myself did a series on Youtube:

    The WP codex (documentation) on this is pretty top-notch too:

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    @tomrogers123 Woa! What a coincidence, I discovered your YouTube channel just minutes ago! What a small world :)

    # February 14, 2013 at 9:13 am is a good resource, as is Chris’ series. I’ve been following the Adaptive screencasts recently, which is a whole theme from Photoshop to HTML and CSS to WordPress. Really great series

    They have posts about it on wp.tutsplus.

    I’ll check your series out @tomrogers123 cheers.

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    Here’s a series by Andy Howells that looks pretty awesome (I haven’t started it yet):

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    @JoshBlackwood – thanks for the hat tip, two more being uploaded as we speak!

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    @AndyHowells I like the series, but is it me or haven’t you touched WordPress yet (I watched episode 1-8)?

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    That’s right, basically it’s building the CSS & HTML from scratch first, next video is going to be learning about Git & sorting out WordPress to start managing the content. Will also be looking at custom post types and the advanced custom fields plugin.

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