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    Hi, I’m new here. Anyway, this client of mine started off saying she wanted a site where there could be some different profiles. Of course, that’s easy! Now of course, she’s asking for a bunch of other stuff. The one thing that I don’t think I can do is this: she wants each profile to also have its own availability calendar for booking the person’s services. On top of that, she wants visitors to be able to search by what day they want to book someone for, and only the available people come up.

    Any ideas? I’m trying to find out of there’s a plugin or script for this. There’s no way I can program such a thing on my own, and I let her know. I said I’d look and see what’s out there, but I’m not finding anything that I think would work. Thanks so much to anyone who might have a clue for me.


    I have never met such a module.
    I see no problem to create it:
    1. Make a modal window;
    2. Create a template for it;
    3. When registering, each number is assigned a unique id;
    4. Create a table on which we sorted and processed.
    And for the administrator to create reports that are needed.
    Perhaps I misunderstood the question …..?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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