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    A practical piggyback to the MT buyer by Godaddy, I’m wondering if it’s time to really investigate some of these scalable hosting platforms instead of going to something like just another VPS server and move eventually away from MT.

    Does anyone use something like Amazon or Rackspace? I’m curious what happened if anyone dove into it and found it was either significantly better, worse or just didn’t really seem to make a difference at all.

    I’m starting to seriously research it but if anyone could offer some insight it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey, Josh. You should contact Jessica Hische. She uses Rackspace and might be able to give you some insight. It just may take a week for her to reply.

    What exactly are your needs?

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    Thanks for the tip – I’ll reach out and see what her thoughts are.

    We host maybe 5 or 6 charitable organizations for them as a service and then there is our website. The rest is mostly testing. Anything from just a testing site while we build something or a place where we’ll work on a custom application (like with code ignitor for example).

    So it’s not a crazy amount of stuff and we’re not pushing huge bandwidth numbers (I think we had like 2gb of outgoing in the last month).

    But part of it is what if we decide to begin hosting sites as a full service option? It’s something we’ve stayed away from, but what if it begins looking like a good idea from a service perspective? It might make sense to be able to just scale up as we need it.

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    Although RamNode is unmanaged, that is an option with them. I have to say that I’m not sure what goes on behind the curtain when scaling up. Such as moving to a larger server or if your account is just allotted with more space. You should contact the hosting companies with that question to see what is involved.

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    Based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend Rackspace. I just haven’t enjoyed working on the platform. I know they’ve been making some improvements in the UI, but right now it’s just unnecessarily complicated.

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    I agree. Rackspace seems overrated. I’d go with something like Veerotech or even GeekStorage. Site5 might even be decent.

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    Awesome ill check em out. Thanks for the suggestions.

    # October 19, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    You might also check out DigitalOcean if you’re still interested in an unmanaged cloud or VPS server.

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    @TheDoc what makes it difficult to use? At Chris’ suggestion I emailed Jessica and her reply was that she loved working with the platform. So, as always, it’s a mixed group :)

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