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    Hey all,

    Curious to those that are using SASS actively. I went through Dan Cederholm’s SASS book and I’ve made that initial move to using pre-processors. I had some questions I’m not seeing an answer to in Dan’s book.

    1) Mixin Libraries: If you create your own Mixin library or just use one that’s out there like Bourbon, Dan is mentioning that you bring that with you into each project you do so that it’s consistent and saves you time. Is everyone bringing in the mixin file via a hosted place so that it’s consistent? (so like @import http://yourdomain/mixins/main.scsss)? Or do you literally end up bringing the file into every project?

    2) I’m still not quite sure what the difference is between .sass and .scss files. I started using Prepos and the file types are all .sass. Dan’s book says they are .scss. Is there any difference?

    Thanks in advance!


    1) You’ll need to copy it in, or use some other way to import it. Unfortunately II don’t think you can host it. There are ways (too long to explain in a single post) to import it easier, though.

    2) The syntax, really. If it’s a .scss-file, it has a syntax quite similar to CSS, if it’s .sass it has a syntax without bracers (and some other differences).


    1) If you’re using a project like Bourbon -i.e., something hosted on github or some other publicly accessible location- then you can bring a fresh copy to your project fairly simply. In the case of github, you can just clone into your project sass directory.

    This is not what @import does, however; you have to do it yourself. @import does not literally fetch files. Sass cannot read files that are not available locally (though there are mods that allow such things.).

    2) If you like CSS and don’t want to worry much about the fact that sass is a programming language, use the .scss syntax. If you’re a programmer, however, I highly recommend the .sass (“indented”) syntax. It is very, very nice.

    If you ever want to use a file that is written in the syntax you don’t prefer, sass can convert between them the same way it compiles to css.


    If you’re doing it as a full-on library, just keep an eye on versions. Host it as a project (github, wherever), and keep track of which version you’re using on which project (maybe using bower). That way when you update it you can change things to match whatever changes you did.


    If you’ve got a master file you copy and paste into each project, what happens as you change the file and evolve it [?]

    two words: version control : )

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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