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    A few days ago, I have gotten my new Mac Book pro, after poking around some of my contacts i got access to Safari 4.0 Developer preview. And as u all might know, firefox 3.0 has been released. Yay for them… Long waited release, that is stuffed with bugs and wierd crashes, but what ever thats not my point here.

    I want to discuss what is better for development.

    We all know firefox has firebug and nearly all web developers have that installed (atleast the pro’s :p )
    Now i was toying around with Safari and its debug panel and i must say.. Safari has done a great job with it.

    It works better than firebug, as it doesnt crash the browser.. I wonder what your personal preferences are when it comes to debugging websites.. I have come to a point now that i will ditch firefox and firebug due the large scale of bugs and crashes, slow loading, performance issues, cosmetic issues usablity and readablity. I think Safari has beaten FF in all angles there.. The only thing safari doesn’t have is a big ass plugin directory like firefox has.. :)

    I can post some screenies of Safari debugger if u don’t know what it looks like.
    Or just download it your self: register = free.

    ".V1" wrote:
    Yay for them… Long waited release, that is stuffed with bugs and wierd crashes, but what ever thats not my point here.

    Still, you had to mention it?

    What about Safari’s CSS coverage (what specs?), and security issues vs those in Firefox? Please post links, if you have any :P


    first, thanks for the heads up on the safari 4. I’ve been checking it out and it looks nice. I’m definitely used to the way firebug works, and as this isn’t the exact same, it takes a while to get used to it. I do really like the "Resources" tab.

    One thing I haven’t figured out is how to enable/disable css styling. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way like in firebug.

    I’ve been working with FF3 and it’s definitely buggy… especially with firebug. I’m sure those issues will get worked out fairly soon.

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ll ever stop using FF or firebug for that matter, but the addition to Safari will definitely help the debugging process. (although, it’s funny… 95% of the time, if something is working in FF or Safari, it’s bound to be working in the other… now, how about IE?) :)

    anyone figure out how to disable css styling (besides turning it off for the whole page)?


    Debugbar is fine, but seems very limited to me, as does the safari debugger. Editing on the fly is probably the most important aspect of this type of tool (at least in my humble opinion), and it’s not there for either of them. Maybe I’m setting my expectations too high in wanting that feature in all debugging tools, but seems like a no-brainer to include it. (I read on the DebugBar forum that the developer wants to include that in future releases, but he also said that in November, so who knows.)


    i use both browseres as well, once i tried making firefox my mine browser because is used less memory then safari for me but i allways find myself going back to safari ,right now one feature that safari have ,that i find myself looking for in other browser is the snap back


    As soon as IE has been wiped away from all the world’s computers, the Eternal Fight between Safari and Firefox will be settled. It is said that the Legendary Steve Ballmer will be chair-throwing the winner till he dies of a heart attack.

    In other words, all browsers will soon have a perfect Firebug-clone and only small rendering technicalities will seperate them from each other. If we’re to talk about CSS support, I’ll say Opera without a doubt. Else, I prefer FF3 on Win/Linux-boxes and Safari on Mac.


    safari has a better css support opera.. :!

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