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    Hi community! All good? This will be my first post:

    How can I automate the validation checks on all the web pages that I’ve on production sites and get useful summaries of validation errors?

    I use GitHub for front-end development.

    How can I automate the validation of new code before it is rolled out into production?

    Any ideas will be very welcome!


    Hi M! yes there were 2 questions sorry.
    ‘First and foremost, what is it you’re asking? ‘
    Wel l I ‘m looking for a stack to make these validations steps automatically…

    “Markup Validity Gem and Be Valid Asset Gem where two I found on google)”
    Have u tried them?

    Have u tried PhantomJS?



    :) thanks!

    ‘but I know there are plugins that would allow you to do just that.’

    yes? any list that I can look for?

    are u also F-E dev?


    nice one! listen now that u’re saying that about full-stack dev.

    How do u manage or what do u do when u’re a working with MVC JS-lib and yr backend is Rails? I mean cuz Rails is also MVC among other things…

    Thanks for yr time there”´! ^_^)



    I c! what if yr backend-stack and yr frontend-stack has MVC? how do u cope with dat?
    Are u in twitter?


    How do u manage or what do u do when u’re a working with MVC JS-lib and yr backend is Rails? I mean cuz Rails is also MVC among other things…

    I don’t use Rails either, but I’m not sure what you’re getting at: are you expecting some difficulty because your front- and back-end stacks are both MVC?


    Hi Traq!

    I think I was mixing up to different subjects the MVC at the backend and the MVC a the front-end site… worries now

    Tack för svaret Melindrea! ^:^)


    @Melindrea I can see that post just fine; it’s the first reply (Aug.19).

    You can’t see it? I’m asking because I noticed posts of my own appearing/ disappearing for no obvious reason.

    @yoniGeek I don’t see how that could possibly cause problems – as long as the front and back know how to talk to each other, they should get along fine. Of course, they need to know how to interact anyway – that’s not a deployment or testing issue.


    I don’t think it’s a cache issue – last time it happened to me I cleared everything, even switched browsers. I suppose there might be something going on with caching upstream (i.e., css-tricks’ CDN).


    I am working on an all-in-one HTML/CSS validation gem for Ruby On Rails apps. It’s name is Headhunter.

    From the docs:

    Headhunter is an HTML and CSS validation tool that injects itself into your Rails feature tests and automagically checks all your generated HTML and CSS for validity.

    In addition, it also looks out for unused (and therefore superfluous) CSS selectors.

    All you have to do is add gem ‘headhunter’ to your Gemfile in test environment:

    group :test do
      gem 'headhunter'

    The rest is all done automagically for you, and you’ll get a statistic for your application’s validness at the end of your tests, like this:

    Validated 42 HTML pages.
    41 pages are valid.
    1 page is invalid.
    Open .validation/results.html to view full results.
    Validated 1 stylesheets.
    1 stylesheet is invalid.
      - Invalid css: line 1: Property bla doesn't exist
    Found 23 CSS selectors.
    20 selectors are in use.
    3 selectors are not in use: a img, #flash.failure, input[type='file']

    It would be nice if you gave it a try and send me some feedback!


    cool! been long time working with Rails?


    Since v0.9 in 2006 or so. ;-) But working professionally since 2 years with it.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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