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    So I know you can do rounded corners in some browsers (I’ve only tested with FF3) using CSS and -webkit-border-radius and -moz-border-radius, but how do you make it work in other browsers like IE? I checked IE8 and it doesn’t support it (and compatibility mode sucks, what the hell are they upgrading it too that it breaks a bunch of my CSS?).

    PS- What does the dash in front of a CSS field mean? aka -webkit-border-radius vs something like webkit-border-radius

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    The dash indicates that it is a temporary vendor-specific CSS attribute. Basically only in place until it the "final" spec is finished. By releasing them early, people can use them and test the heck out of them so the vendor is ready when the final spec is done. Eventually, just "border-radius" will replace them.

    IE 8 won’t be supporting it as far as I know, so you are out of luck there. To do rounded corners in this browser, you’ll have to choose a different technique (like absolutely positioned images, javascript, etc).

    Check out some options here: … d-corners/

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