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    I have created a rollover button in Adobe Animate Edge which I’ve imported to Muse. The idea is that the button has an image of thunder which flashes when you rollover with the mouse and there is an audio of thunder over it.

    At the moment, as planned, when I mouseover the audio sounds and the image animates too. Again, as planned, the audio and animation stop when the mouse leaves.

    BUT then when I mouseover again the image animates, but the audio doesn’t work.

    How can I make the audio happen every time I mouseover?

    On the Adobe forum someone suggested I might have to write a line or two of JavaScript Code in the editor. I can probably work out how to do this, but not sure what the ‘line or two’ should be…

    (I am a graphic designer but complete Edge Animate & Muse novice. I am feeling very smug that I have got this far.)


    We really need to see the JS that is running the button in order to help much further.

    In my experience, Edge ‘code’ isn’t really ‘production-ready’ but we might be able to parse something out of it.

    Alan C
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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