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    Was wondering… it can’t just be me thinking that the permissions that one is supposed to allow for most Android apps are beyond insanity. What’s up with this? Letting random people access your mail, camera and I don’t know what just to see how fast you are going (just an example). Most devices even come with a bunch of these preinstalled that are supposedly necessary core items.

    If anyone would ask of us to allow this on our desktop, we’d put them in the nuthouse. No wonder so many phones and related accounts seem to get hacked. Already feels like you don’t really own it to begin with.

    Why hasn’t anyone ever produced a device with Linux on it, root control, a nice layer as the interface and installations like you would on a static machine?

    Oh, yeah – and who would ever choose Java and not C?

    Just some thoughts on a Sunday night. Have a good one.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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