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    In the last week I moved my blog to a new domain and set up my new design. I decided not to import all my old posts, so there are only a few up so far, but its the layout/design I’m interested to get your feedback on.

    I’m using some transparent PNGs, and haven’t even attempted an IE6 fix, do you think I should? Or find an alternative method?

    Any feedback would be appreciated, especially in terms of optimising CSS (I think it is all at least valid), and improving loading time as I’m worried it is quite slow.

    Thanks in advance,



    your design is well. its quite good and fast in ff. also it is very slowly in ie7 as @Kevin said. But the worst of it, ie6. top banner image is nothing but a white block and your right block is under other two in ie6 and transparent png doesnt work that makes looks worse. I hate ie6 :evil:


    If you’re gonna do the png thing, you should definitely use a fix! I know everyone whines and moans about still providing compatibility for IE6, but if you’re about delivering a compatible product (especially for your portfolio!) then it needs to be as cross-compatible as possible.

    Aside from all that, I enjoy the design!


    The layout is pretty basic, but it’s working.
    Like everyone said, really slow on IE 7, and the header don’t work at all in IE6.

    And yes, you should fix for IE6. I know, it’s lame, it’s hard, it’s annoying, but IE6 still have a good part of the market, and you can’t simply ignore it if you’re a serious web designer.

    Chris Coyier

    I think maybe you should try going with a transparent black instead of a transparent white, just to make the text in those sections jump out more. The grid is pretty solid though, I dig it. I’m starting to be in the "screw IE 6" mindset. How many people visiting your site will really be using IE 6? Probably almost none at this point. And if you really really care, just make a conditional stylesheet and make those transparent areas a solid black and nobody will be the wiser.

    One thing I’m seeing is this bizzare effect where all the text become slightly bolder at random times when you mouse around, then it reverts back to non-bold. I’ve seen this around before, but have never been able to put my finger on what it is exactly.


    In fact it seem it occur when you pass the mouse over the image that have the opacity rollover….


    Thanks for the reviews!

    So this is what I’m going to work on:

    Have a look at using black headers and sidebar, maybe using Chris’ ‘Non-transparent text in a transparent div’ tutorial: this way there is no image to load, just CSS. (As I’m using repeated images, there is no PNG fix for IE6 that can help me)

    Actually properly test it in IE6;), to get sidebar in the right place, and sort header etc

    , I really like the layout, and it appears that some others do too, but I was wondering what you thought might improve it, or what you think its lacking?

    I’ll post back when I’ve made my changes, Thanks everyone

    Jermayn Parker
    "epicalex" wrote:
    or what you think its lacking?

    just a small tid bit but when you move the width of the browser the pattern (which i like) the pattern ends abrundtly and ruins the look…


    Looks very Nice.
    What about my site

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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