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    rahul kapoor

    i have been working for very long for this website , and wanted to publish whatever happens.

    So , i did launched this startup on 12/10/13.

    ConnectTune is a social platform for sharing music,songs with your fans,friends or family wherever you want.

    So,please review it here , and bad reviews are always accepted.

    Go to ConnectTune : Log-In , Sign Up or Learn More


    I am going to be a total negative Nancy.

    1. There should be content available without registering an account.
    2. The “Gloria Hallelujah” font makes the site look cartoony.
    3. Quite a lot of the layout looks broken or unfinished.(The entire update profile sections and header when content area larger than window size.)
    4. There is no explanation of what to do. “Hoot this song”? Do I illegally upload music to your service?
    5. When becoming a fan of someone why do I send then a fan request? You also don’t seem to receive “fan requests” after they have been sent
    6. The comment icon doesn’t seem to do anything.
    7. I would move away from the Facebook colour scheme.

    There doesn’t seem to be any form validation except password has to be more than 5 characters long. Your registration form allows 2 character email addresses.

    rahul kapoor

    @GeneralKnowledge – Can you suggest me any other color scheme because i thought that people would be comfortable with facebook color scheme so they would not feel anything different and also can suggest me any other “font”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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