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    First off I just want to say that CSS-Tricks site looks awesome. I love the font styles, it looks so clean, back in the day I could only make it look like this with text on graphics. Not sure how the font styles would appear on older browsers ? Is there a way to check?

    I want to create a site for a potential client that has this font style for the text content:

    Back in the day this wasn’t possible but now it apparently is. What I need to know is what browsers will this font style work for and what browsers won’t?

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    Hi @flex4life

    Yes you’re right it can be done now, there are a few various ways it can be done.

    I personally use cufon, searching that in Google and you’ll get a wide range of results and help To get you started…

    Also you can use google web fonts which are really nice but i havent tried them yet. Maybe on a next project.

    There are alot of people on the forums who know alot about this sort of thing who will be able to tell you more on the more modern ways of doing this.

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    I’d recommend TypeKit for font management – they have Myriad and loads of awesome other ones too.

    It’s only a few bucks a month but it means you have access to fonts that you can embed wherever you want and don’t have to worry about licenses etc.

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    @flex4life You don’t really have to worry about font’s compatability in browsers these days because we gained this wonderful feature from CSS called @font-face which basically downloads a font behind the scenes for the browser fortunately all modern browsers support this property.

    However issues with different browsers rendering differently for other things still plague us, though there getting better but there something ya need to be aware of will give you more info on what browsers support the fontface feature and if ya look around the rest of the site will give you a head’s up on what features are supported across a wide swath of browsers versus those that are dragging their feet.

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    I recommend Webtype for higher quality web fonts. I would not recommend Google’s web fonts.

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    Wow, thanks for the responses everyone, I really appreciate it. I’m pumped and am just looking where to start.

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    Anyone have any guesses as to what these 2 fonts are?

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    @flex4life Are you talking about the logo? If so, my answer is below.

    The second one is by Doyald Young. It is not a font but custom lettering. Large Version.

    I’m not sure about the first so I would recommend asking on the Typophile ID board.

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    @flex4life – grab google chrome and use the web inspector, you can then click on text to get the font-family details.

    Alternatively there is a plugin for Chrome I use called WhatFont so you can just click on text and it tells you what font is being used.

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