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    I have a website ( which is fine on browsers, but viewed on an iphone or android, the content is small and left justified.

    I tried to remove all the CSS and refresh it, but it still seems left justified…

    Any suggestions?


    Ok, but what should it do? Do you have any code (using media queries?) that should make it look different (larger and centered perhaps) on smaller screens?


    Looks like a template from that uses bootstrap base (3.1.1) with a vendor file for responsive additions.

    Some reasons this is a questionable approach

    • Style rule conflicts
    • Separates from Bootstrap Grid system (may have unwanted results)
    • Bootstrap (last time I looked) has SaSS and LESS files for these kinds of mods

    Other issues

    • Huge banner (makes site wider than it needs to be for low-res) Why not use col-sm-12 and use image as BG, or in container element with overflow: hidden?
    • Inline styles
    • meddley of other third-party scripts and addon’s not meant for “mobile” experience…

    N.b.: Honestly I would start again and do less, try to add more further down the line.


    considerations will be taken…I do thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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