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    This is my first post, I am currently working on a responsive website design and wanted to know if what I was trying to achieve was possible before I move to the coding stage.

    I want to create a hierarchy within the responsive website design where things don’t simply fall underneath each other. I have drawn two very simple diagrams of what I am looking to achieve. Does anyone know if this is possible to get this effect? And if so, what I would need to implement into my code other then float left and right for the opposing sides.

    [Diagram 1]( “Diagram 1”)
    [Diagram 2]( “Diagram 1”)

    Thank you in advance,


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    Just a note that the coloured boxes represent images and the grey lines, text. As I said it is a simple rough diagram to show what I mean :)

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    See ‘FlexBox”.

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    Thanks for the comment,
    My only issue with FlexBox is the browser support for it. It is not yet ready to be used mainstream on live projects. And the website I am designing is for a large company. I will keep looking

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    With some creative ordering of the divs both layouts are possible but might get messy :P

    Diagram 1:


    Drag to 480px to see the media query.

    Edit: I’ve only looked in Chrome.

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    And actually, neither work properly if you don’t have enough content in the left column.

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    If you’re still interested I’ve re-jigged this and it seems to work now. I placed the green and pink blocks in a wrapper and floated that (and cleared right) instead. Have a look, try reducing the amount of text and it should still keep the layout. Fiddly though. Any thoughts?

    Diagram 1:

    Diagram 2:

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