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    Ok so like, I’ve currently come across a very nice responsive menu. Everything seemed to be going fine. And all of a sudden- BAM! my footer isn’t a sticky footer anymore. Before I inserted the jquery and javascript, everything was fine. My footer was smacked to the bottom like glue. I don’t understand what’s conflicting.

    When I remove the Jquery.min file the menu came with, my footer kindly floats back to the bottom. Any ideas?

    Menu I’m using:


    screen of the footer flying up in the clouds:



    Don’t know, but you might get lucky in a few days with the next release of the plugin:

    Next Release 0.9 Expected release March 10, 2014

    • More accurate inline min-height styling, to avoid additional spacing under site.

    Also :

    All of your site content (except Slidebars) should be wrapped in an element with id #sb-site which should be a direct child of the <body>.


    Ah I see. And I must have missed that sb wrapper instruction.

    Thanks, buddy.


    Well, Atelierbram- you are a life saver! I guess that sb wrapper I missed WAS the problem. Now my footer is back at the bottom and everything is working smoothly.

    Thanks a lot!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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