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    I am creating a responsive menu, this is the first time i am attempting this after following a few tutorials i understand the basics and Ive tried to implement it on my own.

    Although i have 2 issues.


    1. CSS: When you resize it to a mobile view. The Menu changes, below the mobile-menu div their is some EXTRA white height i want to get rid of before the content section, but i am having trouble doing this.

    2. How can i now animate this menu. So that when they click the mobile-menu div, the height of the nav/ul expands and when you click it, it toggle it off and hides again.


    I’m a little confused by the color-links at the top, are they supposed to be the mobile-nav links? Why not use some jQuery to add a ‘show’ class to the nav manu when you click on the MENU link, re-hiding it after clicking on a manu option.
    for animation, you could use a css transition (transition: max-height .3s;) on the UL’s max-height (either on hover, active, or with that additional class name).
    If youre using jQuery, you could also simply use the jQuery slideDown() and slideUp() controls instead of css.


    No they are social media links, if u remove max-height from the UL it will display the menu.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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