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    Jon Yablonski

    I am trying to figure out if, when serving up a smaller image to replace the original desktop-sized image using a media query, are both images loaded? Also, is an image loaded even is it is set to display:none?

    And finally, what is the best method to avoid mobile devices loading a large image intended for desktop/laptop users: would it be to manually switch out the images with css media queries, or possibly a script that does this instead?

    Thanks in advance!
    – j

    Jon Yablonski

    kgscott: I agree— complete control is good. This approach would be good, but is it efficient on a site w/ lots of images? Also, I wonder if the original image is still being loaded, in addition to the smaller image. Thanks for the response!

    stevengrader: thanks for the response.


    Try this one: I thin it’s what you’re looking for. Hope it helps


    If you are on Drupal check out the adaptive image module:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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