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    hi all responsive grid calculation.

    I am trying to make a large responsive website but can get my 16 columns calculated correctly. and margin or padding correct. I am a but stumbled.


    I had a look at your collection @jurotek gave me some ideas fixed a few issues but just now trying to work out 5 more width


    col-xl-6 is 47% though and I not using 16 columns any more just 12 columns I hate math.


    I’d suggest maybe a bit different approach to the grid where it requires less math and easier to modify. In your demo, if you want to change the padding/margin, you’ll also have to adjust the widths of the columns which can be a real pain.

    In this demo, all you have to do is change the padding on .col to separate each module and change the padding on the article which results in much easier to maintain grids. Hopefully you find this helpful. Grid Demo


    I don’t how how to use use less or scss

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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