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    Check [here.]( “”)

    I have implemented the media query and it’s working fine.

    Here is what I dont like. Gradually compress the browser, when you get to a certain point, horizontal bar will appear. Although nothing in the website will be hidden from view, but there will be an empty space at the right.

    But when you continue shrinking the browser gradually, the horizontal bar will disappear at a certain stage.

    I dont want the horizontal bar at all. What is wrong? Why did it appear at that point?


    No. The one at line 143 carters for screen resolution of 1200px and above. That’s the basic.

    But if you scroll down well, I have 1091 lines in my css.

    I have five media query breaking points.

    I have:

    0 to 320px

    321px to 480px

    481px to 640px

    641px to 960px

    961px to 1199px


    Sorry. I was silly. I did this:


    I did it at the media query of 961px to 1199px;

    Please thank you for teaching me the simple trick of debugging this. I added the asterisk and the error just showed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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