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    Hi guys,

    I’m building a portfolio/freelancing site at the moment that is several pages long. I have specified all the pages as ‘XHTML Strict’ and have been working to get them all validated.

    I’ve run into a problem now on the pages where I load in a contact form using PHP – the contact form PHP file throws up over 45 errors! If I change the DOCTYPE to ‘HTML Transitional’ this knocks the errors down to 10, and those errors just seem to be caused from switching from XHTML to HTML and are easily fixed.

    So, my question is, is there a problem if 2 of my pages (homepage and contact page) are specified as HTML Transitional and the other pages are ‘XHTML Strict’? Or should I change everything over to HTML Transitional? Or should I work at getting the contact form PHP file adhering to Strict?

    Here is a link to the PHP file that is causing me the problems:

    And here is the contact form XHTML Strict page that it’s causing errors on:

    Any help you can give will be much appreciated!



    Hey Dean,

    Keep it on strict and try to work the errors down as much as you can.

    It looks like all of the errors are coming from the mark up of the form itself. I’m no form expert, so I can’t particularly help you there, but I’m sure someone else will chirp in.


    Thanks Doc, I don’t know a lot about forms either which is why I bought this one off Theme Forest. Bit bummed that it doesn’t validate right out of the box :(

    I would prefer to keep it all as Strict so I guess I’ll keep working at it…if anyone can help me out with the form markup that would be great!


    Hmmmmm, that’s odd indeed.

    I see you left a comment on the item about it, I’m surprised nobody else has brought it up yet.


    Apostrophe, that is absolutely brilliant mate! Thank you so much!!!

    Everything is valid and peachy now :) … or%2F1.654

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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