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    Looking for a way to resize any src content I put inside an iframe. Example being on a site I have a iframe that is 200px x400px linked to google. I want the iframe to make the google site scalable to the constraints I want. I will be using my own content if that helps at all.

    I was thinking of using some offshoot of a background image to scale 100% but dont think that would work correctly with an actual website. But then again, an image may be all I need. Could I just set the actual site i’ll be linking to the iframe as a background scaleable image to work… Any suggestions?


    I came across

    However its javascript, and I downloaded the demo, which doesnt work to well. It keeps refreshing itself, and if you change the src url it gives you scrollbars and doesnt resize the content.

    Edit: Also tried to scale in CSS, but as expected it scales the Iframe and the content inside, so its just relative. Just had a thought of maybe having the size of the iframe being !important while the scale is still on. And no.. It doesnt.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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