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    Hi all

    I’m a masters student (Software Technology for the Web) and I’m coming to the point in my degree when I need to think of a serious project for the disseration component.

    I’m a regular reader/lurker on CSS Tricks btw – am only posting now because it occurred to me that the fine people here might have some interesting ideas!

    I have quite a bit of experience developing web front ends, and I’m reasonably proficient in PHP (although I’ve never built a full-scale application from scratch).

    I’m having real trouble coming up with a suitable research topic that’s (a) useful, (b) hasn’t been done to death already, (c) has some academic aspect to it, and (d) I’m capable of taking on.

    I’m interested in all aspects of web technology, but I find that often the solutions to existing problems can be summed up in a blog post, or have already been dealt with by people who are far more expert than I am. I’m finding it really difficult to identify the right niche.

    I’m quite interested in the legal and policy aspects of the web, as well as the technical side, so that’s a possibility, but

    Some ideas I’ve had are:

    • the conflict between cloud computing (SaaS) and the generative origins of the web
    • creating a tool for fast, WYSIWYG creation of manuals (primarily for creating manuals to give to clients when their websites go live)
    • creating a build estimator tool, where elements (eg image slider, news area, forum setup, social media integration, etc etc – definable by the developer) can be assigned an hourly period for how long they take and can be included/excluded to create a bespoke estimate for a site
    • extending Moodle (online education software) with some kind of module

    I guess my real question is, are there any questions or problems which in your daily work developing for the web you frequently would like answered or solved, or would like a greater insight into?

    Any thoughts or ideas would be totally appreciated. Anything really – I just need to break the deadlog and get my mind flowing again. I’m a P/T web developer by day, and I think I’m maybe a bit too embroiled in the whole thing to take a step back and see the wood for the trees.


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    Hello, metalOnin
    you are going on rightway it’s appreciated good.
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    You realize this thread is over a year old? The OP may have graduated already.

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