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    finally writing on

    “Single page websites : are they a better way of web experience”

    folks, please help me, if this is a good topic, or can you suggest some better topic to write on.
    i want something related to web design, so that i can further carry test and generate result data.

    and if possible can you help me with finding sources to write on !!! ???


    I like the topic. Not really sure what you’re looking for other than some validation on the topic, so that’s me giving mine!

    You can look at Coolness vs Usability. Bandwidth is a factor, etc.


    Your topic seems fine. You just need to do a little bit of brainstorming.
    Why do you think they are better? list your reasoning.
    Site resources or personal experience to support each point you make.
    Maybe take a different point of view and try to think why multi-page sites are better.


    Well, by “Single Page Website” are you referring to all the content on one page, or are you referring to AJAX’ing of new content into the single page.

    Also, what scale of website? Are we talking about a site that would normally be 1-3 pages in total? 3-5 pages? 20+?

    For a 1-3 page site, if it can be converted into a site that works well on one page, you can argue the pros and cons of that.

    If it’s a 20+ page site of content, converting that to 1 page is a completely different discussion of different pros and cons.

    When you write your paper, be fully aware of the pros and cons of different sized websites and try not to fall into the argument of a Single Page Website is always good or always bad.

    Also be sure to look up information on differences in page speed, design flexibility, SEO, content management, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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