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    hei folks,

    i have seen on squarespace websites, that their embed vimeo or youtube videos have custom thumbnails and have their custom play icon instead of the default from vimeo and youtube. I’d like to use that on my website too, but have’nt found a solution yet.

    Actually i found a solution for replacing the thumbnail by googling, but its not perfect.

    The thing with the play icon is bringing me headachs :(

    hope you guys can help me out.


    I don’t use Squarespace (and know of no examples to comment on) but, you can inspect how they’re doing it using the developer toolbar. F12 in most browsers. Check their CSS and JavaScript for clues. Need more help with DevTools? Google provide great docs here

    If you need further help, you could provide us with a very small demo in CodePen, showing your code (the replacement method you mentioned) and explain exactly what the problems are you’re having.

    Be aware that we don’t need your whole codebase (honestly, that’s just going to put most folks off even looking). We just need a honed down version of the immediate problem. From there, we’ll be better placed to give suggestions on how to fix.

    Alternatively, you could provide a link to the Squarespace site/video embed for us to check out directly, but again, that’s likely to put many folks off because of the extra effort needed to filter through all the distractions and excessive code that a full site would imposed on us. You’re most likely to receive help with a streamlined CodePen demo.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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