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    Hello guys, I need to replace the text of a list item, which is also a link. I’m publishing the code on CodePen because I think it is easier to understand.
    My CodePen link si here:

    I need to show in the output “Come abitando in prossimità” and not “Come abitando in prossimità (As if living nearby)”.

    Will you help me kindly? I am a beginner with javascript in and I’m a bit confused! thank you!


    In Codepen – in the javaScript-tab behind the gear icon – one can add external javaScript. You want to add the link to the jQuery library there: then the code-snippet will work; I tested it.

    Alternatively, with vanilla javaScript, I guess one can do with .textContent:

    document.querySelector('a[href=""]').textContent = 'Come abitando in prossimità';

    or .nodeValue

    document.querySelector('a[href=""]').firstChild.nodeValue = 'Come abitando in prossimità';

    This works, but I am a beginner in javaScript myself, so maybe someone else knows of a better way.


    Thanks really much! Thanks <3

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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