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    I can preemptively thank you right now for all of this. Having said this, I have a long road ahead and a lot of reading and catching up to do before the full effect of these best practices become clear to me. I will most likely be periodically thanking you as I stumble unto several ‘eureka’ moments in this process.
    What is interesting from a “newbie” POV is the fact that when I found this template I just thought, “this works great…I will play with it, learn from it, adapt, and eventually work on my own site from scratch”. So it’s great to see how different “coders” go about their work, but most importantly, learning that a “good looking” site is by no means a well-built one.

    > @Caleñ0, 14px it’s not property of background. That’s your base font size.

    Right, I was unaware that a base font size was established in the body selector, if it is going to be overwritten later. I found a great article from A List Apart that deals with this, so I think it’s a good place to start.

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