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    I’m having some serious rendering problems with CodePen in Chrome running on OS X.
    That didn’t even sound right typing that, as this has got to be an anomaly.

    I was at work today, and decided to make a Pen mockup of how I wanted one of our backend tools to look and operate. It looked GREAT on our WinDoze machine. However, once I got home, I was in for a huge surprise.

    My CodePen Project

    The select list menu, checkbox buttons, and save button are all being butchered style wise by something, and I can’t figure out what it is. I didn’t even style those, and they’re acting up big time.

    Someone please come to my rescue!


    For those of us not on OSX, perhaps you could provide us with a couple of screenshots so we can compare?

    I would say (and it’s probably unrelated) but you have a lot of duplicated (and some unnecessary) CSS in there….mostly related to the #ptbuttons


    I thought I’d uploaded it already. Hmm well until I either get back home, or someone else with a Mac sees what I see…

    Care to help me out with this unnecessary and dup CSS? :D


    I’ve gone and fixed the dup CSS errors, and removed unneeded things as well. Guess I wasn’t thinking when I was creating. I usually optimize later down the line, but it’s resolved.

    Now just need to solve this Chrome/Mac problem.


    Ok so I stripped out the CSS, and rebuilt it with normalize.css as a base. My problems are now fixed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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