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    Regards everyone.

    I’ve designed a freebie site for my Church, and, after several redesigns, have resolved some earlier display issues, mainly in IE6.

    My current redesign validates in html, and validates in CSS (other than a hack I’ve inserted for IE min & max width properties).
    Everything seems to cooperate until I view the site using IE6, and my remote navigation does not display correctly.

    Here is the matrix that I’ve created for the remote navigation:

    The matrix is pretty straightforward… 4 rows, 4 columns.
    Column #1 is the static image, column #2 is the rollover image.
    Column #3 is static, column #4 is the rollover image… simple enough.
    CSS handles the image, allowing only 1 image load to create 16 separate images, with faster load time.
    However, IE6 handles the images oddly by revealing 1 1/2 images (static + 1/2 of the rollover) at the same time.

    From what I can see, IE6 is the only browser that does this.

    Any suggestions as to a remedy?

    Here is a sample of my remote navigation:

    My test site is:

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    I undertook the philosophy of not developing for IE6 any more..

    The more people support it the more life it has in it.

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    I am very honestly nearing the same point myself.

    It’s very frustrating to me that the site is OK elsewhere, but breaks down in IE6.

    If there is some simple way of resolving this, I’d like to try.
    I’m just uncertain that a simple solution exists.


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    I wish you look dude..


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    I just realized a glitch in my link from the original post.
    Here’s the correct link:

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    Try setting the width on the "a" tag. I wish I had IE6 to test, works fine on IE7….

    # September 10, 2009 at 5:05 pm


    I’ve tried the width property with no success.

    Since it seems to be only specific to ie6, I’m using a js prompt to update.
    I despise using js for this, but I’m in real need of finishing this site & making it public, so this will do until a resolution is discovered.

    Any suggestions in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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