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    I don’t have any experience with JS, so I have to ask you, guys.
    First I want to say sorry for my bad written english.

    I’m working as affiliate publisher in the fashion business and some of my users asked me, if I can develop a kind of ‘redirection’ to the destination site.

    What I thought:

    A preloader before you get onto the other site with a short notice that the user is leaving my site and getting redirected to the store. Maybe a short ‘thank you’ notice also.

    Is there any script out there?
    Or do I have to code it by myself?

    A simple JS popup after clicking the “order”-button, in this popup I gonna write down all the information and a button with “ordering at….”

    I guess this is the easiest way, but I don’t know if this is the smartest way.

    Do you have any suggestion!?

    Thanks a lot!


    Well, not seeing any code it’s hard to say.

    If you want to do a JS redirect, it’s pretty easy to do. You can even redirect after a few seconds if you wanted.

    Of course, the best ‘redirect’ is to just make a link! If someone was asking me to do this I’d just reply that when someone is clicking on a link or a button, they know they’re going somewhere else… just let them go.


    Hey shaneisme,

    you’re right and thanks for your advice.
    Also thanks for the two useful threads with specific information.

    Some user are irritated, because they think I’m the online-shop and not an affiliate.

    Do you think it’s smarter to use fancybox for the information instead of a redirect script?



    Hmmm… typically speaking if people are confused it’s a problem with design. I’d work on that first honestly.

    But to answer you directly, I always err against using any sort of popup. Unless someone wants to view a larger image or video it’s annoying. You could do something simple like a hover tooltip instead, that might be a good compromise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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