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    Hello everyone.

    Quick question. Can anyone recommend a few web hosts? I’m in need of moving away from my current host for a number of reasons (IX Webhosting) and want to make a good choice upfront.

    I know a lot of people are big fans of Media Temple, and I’m honestly leaning towards them. I’m pretty flexible with space and bandwidth, especially since everyone offers a lot more than I’m going to need any time soon. So I guess the only things I really need are SSH access and installed Subversion.

    Any help would be appreciated!


    ps – Happy Birthday Chris!


    Media temple is what I recommend, great user interface.

    good cs, the wait on phone is sometimes long but you get to listen to reggae music haha, that always makes me laugh,

    and you hardly will have to call them …

    I’m running a couple of sites off them and never really have problems unless they’re doing some maintenance work

    … and on my I hate this company as much as I hate pickle juice mixed with my oreo deluxe double fudge ice cream

    stay away from goCrappy


    I went with A2 Hosting. They offer ssh, quick subversion install and WebDAV at an affordable price. Couldn’t go wrong there.


    i personally recomand you Power Web ,Pro Website Group or Act New Domains …Act New Domanis haves an incredible suport and if you need a websire builder i think their web site builder is reallty sharp and easy to use..i hope helped u


    Recently I had the pleasure of spending about 4 hours analyzing about 40 hosts- based upon ping TRACEROUTES on everything from shared to dedicated to virtual. I was using PingPlotter Standard, a nice shareware product which has a great interface and extended trial period. Just look up your host server in Whois, plug the location into any traceroute program – and route that packet to the host and back to your puter in milliseconds.

    Another neat feature is that the actual route of the packet is shown so you can see what the grid action is. Depending on where you are living and/or selling, blogging or what have you- traceroute time can vary significantly- if your site is moderate to slow loading- say- images-flash – or just a great deal of content- those "milliseconds on each "011001"- can add up to several seconds.

    From where I live in Florida– DreamHost, Hostgator, Dedicated Now and Pegasus (pwebtech) came out on top. I did not review their control panels. But I imagine that FTP (alone) would be very exciting! I have heard that Media Temple is a top service oriented host with some competitive plans and is, pardon the adage, -bleeding edge-.

    You may also want to consider where your host is tiered. ie:
    "Tier 1 – 99.671% uptime: Tier 1 datacenters are basic computer rooms that require a full shutdown for preventative maintenance. Annual downtime is 28.8 hours.
    Tier 2 – 99.741% uptime: Tier 2 facilities have some redundancy but still have a single path for power, requiring a shutdown for preventative maintenance. Annual downtime is 22 hours.
    Tier 3 – 99.982% uptime: Tier 3 datacenters have sufficient redundancy in place to allow for planned maintenance without downtime (N+1 redundancy.) Tier 3 datacenters are required to have at least 13.2 KV (kilo volts) of power. Annual downtime is 1.6 hours.
    Tier 4 – 99.995% uptime: Tier 4 DCs are the top tier. They are built with multiple paths to power and AC and are designed to cope with a worst-case scenario with no critical impact. Tier 4 datacenters are required to have at least 26.2 KV of power. Annual downtime is 0.4 hours." Anatomy of a Datacenter by Josh Ewin

    Anyway… hope this helps… 8-)

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