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    I’ve been with Ipower for a long time it seems, and I’ve had my fair share of issues with them and there migrations.

    The last 6 months or so, have been issue free.

    However the other day, they suspended my account saying "it’s in violation of the TOS", and I have to remove my videos.

    The thing is, I don’t have any video, audio or the like on the site. It’s a simple wordpress blog with 10 or so posts.

    Site size is about 29 megs, out of allowable 300 gig.

    After dealing with tech emails, they finally reactivated my account with a note saying it’s only temporary. If I don’t remove the videos, they will suspend again.

    It’s like the jet-eye mind trick " You have videos" "no I don’t" " You have videos" "no I don’t"

    This is truly insane. You can’t script this kind of stuff.

    I’ve had my fill of this, and it’s time to go. I backed up site, and DB.

    I need a host that is more competent.

    I did a search on google, and hostmonster comes with good reviews.

    I would like the host to have php/mysql, so I can create my own projects.

    any help would be great.

    Ron G


    I have not used many hosting companies, but I really like they have been very good to me tech wise & hosting wise.

    but the best I have seen is

    oh and jet-eye mind trick should be jedi mind trick (I can forgive that as it seems your not a star wars fan)


    my only advice is you get what you pay for.

    In my opinion godaddy is cheap and cool, but requires more pactience setting up your account and websites. You have to link domains to hosting accounts etc. There’s different control pannels for different parts, hosting, domains, email etc.

    1and1 is a bit more expensive but I would say it would be worth it. The control pannel is user friendly, all in one place and sites can be set up with easy.


    Thanks guys.

    ikthius I realized after the post, that I mistyped jedi, LOL. I thought, "man he come the flames." :o I was caught up in the moment.

    For now, I moved over to, until I figure out what to do, and do my projects on my localhost xampp.

    I have seen godaddy, my friend got domains through them, and asked for my help with them.

    It was a mess to figure out. I’ll check out your recs.

    thanks again.


    Chris Coyier

    I’m glad you are leaving iPower. I think they are the worst host ever. CSS-Tricks is on Media Temple (dv) and it’s been pretty flawless.


    Thank you Chris.

    Ron G


    I am using eleven2 and have enjoined it! They gave me a free account for a yeah as I am a student and want to develop my own things. I sent them an email and they gave me a coupon code :) If you are a student just go to … evelopers/

    and email the person it says to.
    You get a lot of space and so far my tickets have been answered with in an hour or two. The tickets where not that I was having problems I just wanted to know what port the SFTP and also to allow the SSL for later testing. Even if you pay for the party pack you get a lot of space and they all seem nice. They are also normally on AIM for a help ( I just checked if they are on it now… they are [img][/img] … Anyway I have heard mixed opinions about them but so far I think they are good.

    Hope that helped


    Well it depends how much you are willing to spend. If you have the money I would go with Media Temple, however there is the other end of the scale. Blue Host is really cheap. On the face of it, it looks great, before buying it I heard a lot of bad things about them – I was weary, after all it did seem cheap, however I have found their service to be really good. All the services are there, and their customer support is really good.


    thanks for sharing all your views :)

    IT consulting services


    I just recently switched from MediaTemple to NearlyFreeSpeach.NET, mainly because I wasn’t using all (or close to any) of my bandwidth. So far I’ve had no problems with them, and their support team is really cool to talk to. I would definitely recommend them to any of my technical friends.


    I use and recommend United Hosting to all my clients, they’re a UK based company but they do have a US section I believe. I haven’t shopped around to be honest as their service has not forced me to do so, so I don’t know how they compare price wise but hey… Their after sales/support is excellent too and they are an all round helpful, personal service providing bunch.



    If you like to tinker, and you don’t have any super-high needs, they’re dirt cheap-to-free to have.


    I’m in the US, and I use Host Gator. They have very good prices for unlimited business plans that come with a lot of free things. Plus, there’s online chat support that is very fast and helpful.

    If you decide to go with Host Gator after looking at, if you remember to, would you use my affiliate link? :D I get like $50 in 6 months or something. … id=cdesign


    I would like to re-write my post, but I think it better to just post again…… has vastly gone down hill, support is shocking, and they dont even read the tickets properly.

    I am having constant trouble with one site, they say it is the database, but after pointing out pages not even connected to a database, they then changed their minds and noticed a problem. they never said what the problem was, so lack of information and lack of trust, its time to look elswhere for me.


    I’d suggest going to and clicking the chat now button on the top right to speak with a tech or support person to try to get a feel for how their support is.

    I’ve only tried two hosting companies… Host Gator and GoDaddy. Host Gator is SO much better than GoDaddy, but GoDaddy has a lot more advertising so it’s more popular.

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