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    Hey guys,

    My company recently received a email from a web services group about one of our WordPress sites not loading correctly.
    He showed a screenshot of how it looked and all it looked like was a CSS file was missing.
    I opened the site and it was fine, and I went into my firebug and took off the first css file (happened to be style.css) and i replicated the image he provided.

    I don’t really do WordPress so I was wondering if it was possible that sometimes the css file doesn’t load and what could be the factor?
    But this part of the email seemed sketchy and I feel he ultimately wants to do business with us later on.

    “This is not a huge concern, and the fix will take no longer than 1 hours worth of work. Can we help you fix this? There will be no charge, and will be deemed as an act of good-will.”

    Any thoughts? Thanks


    Sounds fishy to me!

    They just **happened** to find a supposed problem with your site **and** (purely coincidentally) can solve it?


    You can simply ask them to *show* you what they would change (don’t give them access to anything) and then you can either take their advice or not. Either way, don’t put yourself at any risk.


    Yeah my company wanted me to research what was causing the error.
    So my initial instinct was to run it on ie7 and it was fine, also worked for all other browsers. Then obviously check the css files.
    The only time I get the error he shows is when I use a browser inspection tool (example firebug) and get rid of that style.css file.

    I feel they just did the same took a screenshot and was like “hey theres a problem and we can help for free just consider us later on”

    Kitty Giraudel

    Sounds like phishing to me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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