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    The whole concept is that the precise order of the posts is irrelevant. It’s just intended to give you a starting point, so you can click on anything that catches your interest.

    The blog page, archives page, etc. will all have more standard layouts.

    And the navigation doesn’t line up because there isn’t really a way to make it line up easily. I mean, I could do it, but then if I want to add another navigation link sometime in the future, it’ll no longer line up.

    # February 18, 2013 at 3:46 am

    The redesign is complete, or at least complete enough to use outside of development. Let me know what you think!

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    I’m curious – what’s the purpose of the homepage versus the blog page? I feel like out of the entire site, which feels nice and trendy btw, is the most disjointed. The blog page I feel is very easy to read and navigate, but the homepage is trying to be a more creative version of the blog page. I would probably personally recommend making a large portion of the homepage (if not the whole thing) a more static page dedicated to telling people what it is that you do as a designer. I’m not really getting that any where else on the site that I can immediately see.

    # February 19, 2013 at 11:36 am

    The homepage is more of a hub for all the site’s content, while the Blog and Portfolio pages allow you to get more specific.

    My old design had a more static front page, and all I heard were complaints that it didn’t allow users to get right at the content. I feel like this new design sort of inspires exploration by providing a taste of the content right away.

    I also used to have a “Work” page instead of an “About” page, and I had an “About” sidebar on every page. Some people told me that it was distracting for anyone who already knows who I am. And while the “Work” page was dedicated to what I offer professionally, it never really accomplished its goal. I’ll probably update the “About” page soon with more info on what I do.

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    You forgot to update the image links from localhost on your blog. Here’s one example: []( “”)

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    I like the new design. Who cares that it shares some similarities from CSS-Tricks. They are small to say the least. If we didn’t hang out here, we would have never know it. All design is borrowing little bits from other places that have inspired us. Even the most creative stuff in the world has been inspired from something someone saw some place.

    I am going to check out isotope myself.

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