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    I don’t have a group of designers/developers around me that I can ask questions to, so I was hoping that the community here could help me out with just a theory question. After reading and and watching many tutorials I am starting to get the hang of converting PSD to HTML/CSS.

    From what I learned the idea of HTML is just the backbone and content of the website, and all the CSS/JavaScript give it interactivity and layout and all the stuff. I understand that. But, my question is this. I hear all the time of your HTML being a description of the content and not SUPER specific because of the chance of a redesign in the future. But, I am not writing code for a future site redo, I am writing code for a specific PSD file that the designer sent me and needs to be coded. So, why worry about writing code pending on a future redo, when the idea of HTML is to describe what you see right here right now?


    I think it comes down to preference; you could write HTML5 to keep your site more “futureproof,” or you can use good ol’ XHTML 1.0 and it’ll still look fine. By being ‘descriptive’ in your HTML, it’s easier for you to go back and get the hang of the code just by looking at it, allowing you to alter it and fix bugs easier.

    I could be totally wrong too, though.


    Oh, I always code in HTML5 but I was just curious as why I keep hearing the stress on being “futureproof” when the idea of HTML is too describe what you see. Thanks for the response. It’s good to have people to bounce thoughts off of.


    I think there’s a difference between being ‘future proof’ and coding with a redesign in mind.

    You should always make sure your code is future proof! That’s not to say you are preparing for an overhaul of the site. It’s making sure that as browsers and technology changes, your site will be able to adapt to the new landscape without any work, or at least a minimum of it.


    I couldnt agree more with what TheDoc said. A well-planned html makes future updates so much easier.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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