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    Ok I guess there is no drama category but just a few moments ago I received an email about 2 blog comments on my website which is still under construction. Which my thought was, ok weird? It’s a test blog post but as I read this:


    Author : total rip off
    E-mail : [email protected]
    URL : http://CheapTricks
    Your site has such horrible rip-offs of CSS-Tricks. Including this comment form and your crappy rotating asterisk logo.


    Author : Chris Coyier
    E-mail : [email protected]
    URL :
    Give me my site back!

    I sort of laughed because, I am not trying to recreate Chris’ website by any means. If I wanted to copy someone and hide it, do you think I would have Chris’ face and link on my footer for someone that I enjoy who has the same interest as me? Probably not. Would I be a participating member in this online community, no. Would I be so dumb to try to rip off a known person like Chris, no. My asterisk is different in many ways. I mean, know what you’re saying before posting idiotic comments on other people’s websites.

    If you were smart, you might have done a 20 second research to find that [email protected] isn’t @ChrisCoyier ‘s email. You might also realize these are your stats:

    IP address:
    Unique ID: 9168847193984833535
    Language: English
    Location: Lincoln, NE, USA
    Operating system: Mac OS X
    Web browser: Google Chrome 8.0
    Resolution: 1440x900
    Javascript: Enabled

    Both amusing and deranged at the same time . . .


    seriously? That’s a little dumb… There are people out there who can do mean things with only an IP address too… lol

    Chris Coyier

    Well obviously it wasn’t me. People can be dinks, especially on the internet.


    This reply has been reported for inappropriate content.

    I don’t feel this was mean but merely idiotic. How can someone not laugh at this or even take it seriously? The same person has been going on my website after posting those comments and me posting this discussion. I know where they came from, obviously this forum. Therefore, this person is a member here. It would be simple enough to ask @robskiwarrior to look up the IP on the forums to find out who the user was posting nonsense on my website. Get a life kid.

    Edit: Lol, I am fully aware it wasn’t you, @chriscoyier. But i know that it is a member here.


    I don’t think I can spot a single similarity, definitely a troll.

    Rob MacKay

    I dunno – this Chris can be a little protective sometimes and is known for his irrational behaviour, plus he is wanted in all but 3 states…

    On a more serious note

    This is just daft, please don’t post rubbish on other peoples sites – especially in the names of other people.


    This reply has been reported for inappropriate content.

    Admins/Mods can close this discussion if you want. I think the uneducated kid got the point. I appreciate the response as well. Thank You.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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