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    Me and a friend were playing around with a few quirky/fun features which we were going to use for personal projects and just wanted to get your opinion on features such as this?

    I usually like to put little ‘easter eggs’ in my personal projects, usually developers looking at the markup are the only people who find them, however, I enjoy implementing them.

    An example would be when I made my first personal portfolio site a few months back, I listed one of my interests as football/soccer and made it so when the user hovered the word football/soccer it created a little draggable football/soccer ball ( which looking back had terrible physics).

    Google also has little features like this like gravity Google etc etc…

    Anyway, what’s your opinion? Do you like the idea or think it’s irrelevant?


    I think that small things might help you stand out when developers view your pages. However I would definitely not go overboard =P

    I love soccer/fball by the way and will be looking into what you did!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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