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    Hi, everyone

    I have to combine and, but there is some problem after quicksand rearrange the page lightbox(prettyPhoto) don’t works.

    Here is thread on

    but it doesn’t help me here is my js


    // get and assign the holder element to the
    // $holder varible for use later
    var $holder = $(‘ul#portfolio’);

    // clone all items within the pre-assigned $holder element
    var $data = $holder.clone();

    // attempt to call Quicksand when a filter option
    // item is clicked
    $(‘#filters li a’).click(function(e) {
    // assign the class of the clicked filter option
    // element to our $filterType variable
    var $filterType = $(this).attr(‘class’);
    if ($filterType == ‘all’) {
    // assign all li items to the $filteredData var when
    // the ‘All’ filter option is clicked

    var $filteredData = $data.children(‘li’);
    else {
    // find all li elements that have our required $filterType
    // values for the data-type element
    var $filteredData = $data.find(‘li[data-type=’ + $filterType + ‘]’);

    // call quicksand and assign transition parameters
    $holder.quicksand($filteredData, {
    duration: 800,
    easing: ‘swing’

    function picHoverInit() {
    function() {
    function() {

    function prettyPhotoInit() {

    Could somebody fix the problem, very interesting where is a bug. Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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