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Quick Tip – Custom iPhone favicon

  • # January 26, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Hi everybody :D

    <bad english>

    I’m here to teach how to aply your custom favicon when you add a site on the iPhone home screen*.

    *(Open a site>click the [+] button > add to home screen)

    Well… easy as pie:

    You’ll need only 2 things a 57px X 57px square .png icon and a line of code:


    Put this code into the <head><head/> section and voilá.

    >> Important:

    the favicon must be a 57X57px .png file, and is important note that you don’t need to make it’s corners and the glossy effect, commom on iphone icons… iPhone (and iPod Touch) is so awesome that himself create the radius and the glossy effect !!! ;)

    (iPhone simulator make the icons too :) )


    Hope you guys enjoy ths… ;)

    </bad english>

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