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    Hello, i have a question for anyone that can help me.

    I creating a site with 5 Navigation pages ( Home, Gallery, About, Message, Videos & Blog ) right now i have my word Navigation on the left side in virtual but, I want to have it Horizontal on top of the page instead on the left virtual.

    I tried figuring it out and tried searching online but didn’t help I know Im doing something wrong but cant figure it out?

    Hope anyone can help.



    Can you post the URL to the page?


    Im building it, so there is no way i send this.

    I also sent to Adobe forum as well. Some reason when I type in here or copy paste the information it does not show the code but in Adobe forum you can see the code. So here is there link I also posted in there as well and in this link you can see my code from my dreamweaver file Im working on.

    Hope this helps little more.


    Perhaps the easiest way is set `display:inline-block`on your anchor links inside the nav.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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