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  • # April 19, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    Happy Friday everyone, I’ve got a project that allows me quite a bit of freedom as far as trying new things and setting modern design standards at a corporate level. I’ve not spent much time in the past experimenting much with ‘rems’, but I think this (mobile) project would be the perfect time to tinker around with it in a real-world scenario. We only support as low as IE8, and I know fonts are easily fixed using [this mixin]( “”), so that problem is solved.

    What I would really like to hear about is the community’s experience using ‘rems’ for structure and positioning. Would it be wise to just use ‘rems’ for everything? Is it best used only for widths and heights? What about using it for margins and paddings?

    This is really more of a fact-finding mission than coming to you guys with a specific problem, so please feel free to reply back with any help and/or advice!

    Thanks! :)

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