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    I’m looking for a solution or a way to get a WordPress post to feed onto a static webpage. There a two sites in this (1) A WordPress website (2) A static HTML site. What I would like to happen is this:

    1. The WordPress admin creates a post and publishes it to the web. then…
    2. The post will be visible on the static HTML site located at a different .com address.

    Something close to the Twitter feeds that you see now a days. Example ”Twitter Feed Sample”

    However I would like a bit more features in terms of the look and feel of it “Maybe”. Like it can pull the featured image and so on. But when the post is clicked from the static site, it will direct to the WordPress site.

    Excuse the lack of proper terms used, but this was just an idea I figured would be cool If is was possible. Plus I’m a beginner. Any help on how to do this, or really good tutorial sites I should look at would be great. I did try Google, but because I’m not to sure what this called i’m lost. :o)



    Haven’t done this myself, but I found a few resources that might help. It looks like you have a couple different options, either pulling the RSS feed or using SimplePIE. The resources :

    Good luck!


    This will help. Thanks for links ccc630 :o)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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