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    im new to php and my sql
    i have a login system and i made a database with mysql conting 4 feilds and one of theme is called database wich every user will control one other database when he login i made a qury for that how can i make a qury to now for wich database he controls i have four databases every one will have it own user and an admin user how can make a mysql qury to now how is the user database and if he the admin it will redirect him for an admin page?


    I literally don’t understand what you’re saying. Punctuation, grammar, and spelling are essential for communication.

    From what I could surmise, you’re trying to decide if a user is of a specific type, and taking action accordingly. On your database table "users", have a field called "type". Make it a Boolean if there is only 2 types of users, or a Varchar if there are many. Then, your **QUERY** can look something like this:

    "SELECT type FROM users WHERE user_name=’$name’ AND password=’$pass’"

    In your php, simply do this:

    if ($type==(0 or admin, depending on the type of field)) {
    //Do whatever for admins
    else {
    //Do whatever for regular users

    In the future, please group your questions into single thoughts separated by punctuation for clarity. It makes it WAY easier for people to help you.



    thanx for the reply
    it helped me verymuch

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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