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    There is something i dont understand about flex.

    Im using react on an electron project, i am using a libary called react-list. which render a list..
    If i want a scroll, i need to wrap react-list with a div with overflow:auto. however i also need to give height to the div, unless he just goes to the end and the scroll has no effect.

    I work with flexbox, so i dont want to give fixed height in PX, so i wrap the who thing in a flex container and gave the div wrapper a flex property of 1 –

    In that case the list just grew crazy and the scroll didnt have any effect, but when i added flex-basis: 1px; it suddenly became perfect (the list height was limited to the screen height and the scroll worked fine)

    So I wanted to undertand why it works like that, why the flex:1; don’t do the job? and why i need to add the flex-basis?

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    If you’d like someone to comment on your code, you should provide a demo in CodePen. It’s hard to decipher a description and visualise theoretical HTML and CSS.

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    Thaks for the replay!

    I actually wrote the code in codePen:

    but the wierd thing that there it’s working as expected… but you can get the idea from the code there.

    In my case, with react-list instead of the table i created there, if i put flex: 1 the list goes beyond and make the whole screen scrollable not only it’s own frame.

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