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    To anyone that regularly uses Dribbble – I’ve never really looked at trying to join Dribbble but the more work in branding and app design we do I’m wondering if it’s something I should be looking at.

    My question mainly revolves around it actually being useful or not. Do people really give decent feedback to help build better designs? Many of the comments I’ve seen on different postings seem to be either a ton of back slapping or nothing at all.

    Is that reflective of the culture? Or is it pretty good for constructive criticism?


    Dribbble can be a great source of income if your work proves to be what others are looking for. As for feedback, good luck. It mostly consists of “sick” or “awesome dude”. Not really constructive if you ask me. There’s also a debate on whether Dribbble should be a place or was ever a place for constructive criticism. In my opinion as a member, it’s not great for that but not because it can’t be.


    Well, there’s a “hire me” button that is displayed on your profile via a setting but requires a pro membership.

    There’s also a way for companies to browse what they’re looking for.

    The point of dribbble from what I gathered was to share what you’re currently working on and to receive feedback. There are issues with the way Dribbble does things which is why people think that it was never a place for proper criticism. I wish I could point you to specific conversations I’ve read over time on Twitter regarding this issue.

    I think you should read these two articles:

    Currently Andy’s CSS file is 404ing which I notified him about. Still, I would read the article.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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