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    Hey there.

    So a coworker asked me whether I’d like to show some interns something, and I thought “sure, why not” and gave him a list of subjects. One thing I thought about was how to create animations in Adobe Animate CC. I’m not using the tool daily, but every now and then.

    Now, Adobe is pushing new features for Animate CC, so it’s not like as if I’m showing them dead technology, but I was wondering about the state of the scripting. As far as I know, the features released for Animate CC go more into the direction of character-animation and the like, while the scripting part seems to be abandoned. It seems to me that people, who want to write code for complex dynamic animations are more likely to use one of the modern game engines, rather than the 13 year old Action Script 3 implementation of Animate CC. Is that correct? Would it make sense to show them some AS scripting, or is that just too dead, and only an abandoned relic in Animate CC to make a tiny crowd happy?

    Thank you for your insights. :)


    I don’t think learning ActionScipt is worthwhile anymore. However useful in its time, coding has shifted towards CSS animations and JavaScript.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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